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   Abbetha is the fourth sage to be born in the first generation.  She is known as the "Sage of Demention" overseeing all the portals that lead to the realm of Kenjin Doa.  The place which she dwells cannot be reached without the company of another (if not her) sage.  The vortex almost represents the flash of light (which some legends state, hold passageways of their own) as the mid breach from the world of the Wise Men and outside realms. It is an endless sea of white.  Here Abbey mends any rips in the dimensional line, keeping visitors out; and with her massive scythe she can tear a hole for visitors to go through if her profession allows- the weapon changes depending on the world she opens.

   Along with Abbey's incredible power, she also has a massively bad attitude.  Caring a bitter persona she makes poor company.

   She and Edel used to be real good friends, but jealousy overwhelmed her when her love with Halios was seemingly taken.  Even though she found a man after her own heart for a short time of infatuated affection, her ability to hold a grudge did not waiver.

   The Sage of Dimension spends most of her time in "The Vortex" with the occasional outing to mock and make things difficult for Ixe (Sage of Earth), whom she detests for his half human bloodline and blames for his father's death.

About Abbetha (Abbey) - Sage of Dimension
Age: 34 / 3706 Birthday: November 24th SCORPIO


OC's by Me
Artist :iconRP-Kenjin-Do:
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Abbey profile! I still kinda like her, despite her attitude~ Her picture looks so sweet! XD

Anyway, one word I noticed you might want to change? "Caring" should be "Carrying", I think.... At least, that's what you meant, right?
Sapheron-Art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, I don't particularly like Abbey >.> I should, she is my character... but don't, lol. She does look a bit to sweet, I might request the more fearful change in the book but we'll see how the rough drafts come out first. (this was before the artist knew their personalities) She also forgot her markings :/

Thanks, OMG, I have at least one mistake in each of my works XD I guess that's what editors are for... but still, how frustrating. thanks for the help. Generally I would have asked you to look over them before I posted them, but you seemed pretty busy at the time I was working on them.
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's all good! Not all of them have mistakes and some of the stuff I pointed out is more just opinion. Anyway, the thing about Abbey is she's a pretty cool character by herself, in fact she's a little OP, but her bad attitude kinda balances that out. Even though you don't like her, you still made her a likeable character, imo. She has more than one dimension. :3
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