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   Ixe is the ninth sage to be born on the Sage time chart. Having a rough child hood has caused him to be careful in his actions.  His father Taurus was the former Sage of Earth, who became full of himself when mankind treated him as a god.  The former Sage of Earth (Taurus) was damned to be mortal when he fell in love with a woman meant to be sacrificed to him.  Wooing the woman with affection, Ixe was brought into the world as a half human half sage blood line.  Ixe is the only sage that is known to have grown as a normal human until the death of his father by the time the child was five.  He then was given his father's duties as the new sage of earth and is despised by several of the other sages who do not consider him one worthy of his position, in disgust of his human blood that may cause traits to spoil the Sage reputation.

   After Taurus was murdered by his mother (who was forced to be wed, despite her engagement with her true love) Ixe ran to seclusion out of fear and confusion to a place known as Nana's meadow.  He was found by Estaphis (Sage of War) who was a great friend and had fought many battles with the Former Sage of Earth at a time when he was more in the right state of mind.  The strong Centaur raised Ixe as his own along with his twin sons Ying and Yang; training and preparing the boy for his future duties.

   Ixe is generally quiet but he does enjoy being a great help to others, he generally helps those around him no matter what the cause.   He is often friendly but does sometimes have a rough attitude.  He's afraid of commitment and is often found in Nana's Meadow for meditation and training (taking his position very seriously and does best to meet up with the expectation of the other sages).

Extra Note:
Adding to his power during trails and battles Ixe has two animal transformations.  One is a tortoiseshell, Calico Cat and the other is a Panther-Like Dragon Form.  He and Rowen (his best friend) were given the power during a challenged placed on them when they were children.

About Ixe - Second Sage of Earth
Age: 21 / 1688 Birthday: August 12th VIRGO


OC's Belong to Me
Artist :iconcomplexwish:
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! Just a couple critiques; you might want to change: "After Taurus was murdered by his mother..." to "after Taurus was murdered by his wife..." cuz it starts the sentence talking about Taurus and the one who killed him was his wife. Either that, or you could write: "After his father was murdered by his mother..." That sounds more like you're talking about Ixe and not his father specifically.

The second is that sentence about Estaphis: "...who was a great friend and had fought many battles with the Former Sage of Earth at a time when he was more in the right state of mind." You might want to write it as: "...who was an old friend of his father's and had fought many battles along side the former Earth Sage at a time when Taurus was in a better state of mind." Though I knew what you meant, it was still slightly confusing as to who you are refering to when talking about "the right state of mind" cuz it sounds like you're talking about Estaphis in that instance.

And last is more of just a suggestion. In the sentence: "Ixe is generally quiet but he does enjoy being a great help to others, he generally helps those around him no matter what the cause." the word 'generally' is used twice, which kind of interupts the flow. You could simply substitue one of the words for another: "Ixe is generally quiet, but he does enjoy being a great help to others; he usually helps those around him no matter what the cause." *shrug* It just gives it a better flow.

These are only my suggestions, feel free to ignore them, and I hope you don't find them degrading or offensive; I do enjoy reading your posts, character profiles, and stories, and think you are a great writer! I'm only being picky cuz I know it's hard to see mistakes after you write something... That's why in class they'd always make us trade papers, cuz other people find stuff you don't see. Anyway, I hope this helps and you don't mind me sayin'.
Sapheron-Art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I guess my teacher is right, when some one likes a piece they are more opt to try to correct it to make it more appealing.

I Get the First error, the second error is more of the style of the writer. I like the "right state of mind" better, sorry its a modern language. But I gotta change the he to Taurus, I get carried away because I don't want use the names over and over and over again. Third one, I saw, but I could have sworn I changed that with a word the thesaurus gave me, maybe I did in the Website, hmmm. But yeah that's a pet peeve of mine thanks for pointing that out. I get on to parker about doing that - its only fair XD

I don't find them offensive, as I said, a teacher told me that if someone doesn't care about your work, they will say nothing - if they do, they'll point out their opinion to fit it into their ideal concept. And for EVERYONE who does look INTO it, there is always going to be something they don't like, cuz nothing is perfect (say I changed all he things you suggested then ebony read it, If she wanted it to be her ideal I'm sure she would have some changes to make as well) I've watched and focused to see if this was true and in most cases it seems to be, I even catch myself doing so to various works. Honestly, I don't like being corrected cuz I don't like seeing that I made an error (I want to be perfect damn it!~), but I am glad because that way its not up forever and then I read over it one day after not looking at it constantly and seeing it there! then I'm like "man, I wonder how many others found this, what a stupid simple mistake! I wish someone would have told me~" (tis happened to me before - true story)

So thanks :3
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD Well, of COURSE I love your work! I don't mean to be critical, I just wanted to give ya a hand. ^^ Anyway, I only suggested you write Taurus cuz it was a little confusing as to who you were talking about there in the context of the sentence. I have this issue myself sometimes (while writing posts and I get annoyed of using a name too often or "he and she"), so sometimes I have to go and rewrite the sentence completely or change something in a different sentence to make the one I'm having issues with sound better. It doesn't matter the style, you can tell when something is written well when it's smooth and interesting to read. :3 You do that pretty well.

XD Yeah, I didn't want to sound like a jerk, cuz I know you don't like being corrected, especially if it's a mistake you already know about. ^^; I know the feeling, I get kinda annoyed with that too, but at the same time I love critcism cuz it helps me look at things through others eyes. Part of my style has been shaped by criticism, both my writing and my drawing. :3

Lol, that's happened to me too (where I made a mistake and didn't see it until long after people read/saw it), so I know what ya mean there! XD
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