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    Levi (full name Leviathai), Sage of Water, is seemingly the last sage on the chart to be born.  Having a bubbly personality, she almost seems hyperactive but altogether, quite cute.   Being that she is the youngest of the sages, she doesn't really have much of a past to talk about since nothing extreme has ever really happened to her.

    In her young innocents she is deeply in love with Ying (Guardian of Hell's Gate).  "How can that be?" You might be asking… Well, she's just too young to know better XD.  Even though Ying is obviously too old and has noted that he has no feelings towards her, she is the only sage who changes the satyrs attitude to a tolerant level.  For an odd reason Ying is very understandable towards the water sage, despite how much he acts like he does not care for her appearance.

    With a hippie-like persona she has a save-the-world fight about her and is often quite stressed when faced with negative energy.  On regular bases she just loves everyone!

    Levi looks up to her older brother Rowen (Sage of Dreams) and is often by his side like any child who plays shadow to a respectable role model.  She loves her mother (Edel – Sage of Time) and father (Halios – The Overseer) dearly but feels that she is a bother in their presence.  She does not realize that her real father is Poseidon, King of the sea.  In feelings she does not understand she is constantly drawn to the ocean.  Poseidon showers her with many gifts and spoils her as any father who holds their daughter highly would.  Though the two have met many times, he never reveals the secret of his mistress.

Extra Notes:
In many side role plays and even various times of the real manga – the sages can often be found chilling at her beach house.  She too has ONE transformation, a power given from her father, to turn into the largest beast of the sea, a Leviathan (hence her name Levi)

About Leviathai (Levi) - Sage of Water
Age: 11 / 1193 Birthday: December 9th SAGITTARIUS


OC's Belong to Me
Artist :iconcomplexwish:
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just two words need to be changed in this one, otherwise, it's good! ^^ I loves Levi! <3 *huggles* She's so cuuuuute! <3

The word "innocents" should be changed to "innocence", and the word "understandable" should be changed to "understanding", in the context Ying understands Levi. Unless you mean Ying is "understandable" to Levi; in that context it is Levi who understands Ying.
Sapheron-Art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, they have been changed
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^^ Awesome! Yw!
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