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    Rowen, Son of Halios (The Overseer) and Edel (Sage of Time), is the eighth sage to be born.  He is known as the Sage of Dreams and Stars.

    Even though Rowen has multiple personalities that can unexpectedly reveal themselves time to time, a bearable temperament often has the takeover.   He's not what you would call a rebellious son, but Rowen is not particularly fond of his father and other than his early childhood he does not associate with his mother often, either.  To be honest, he's never really home (but isn't that a good thing when your child is 22.)  As the next of kin to the "throne" he should study the practice of becoming the next overseer but has no interest in holding such a high position.

    Because Halios is seen as a sort of king amongst the land Rowen is often referred to as "Prince", which is well suited to a handsome young man of great lineage who also carries himself well (assertive and confident).

    Rather than embrace and relish the attention he often receives, he greatly detests being stereotyped in such a manner.  He loves association, but on a level basis and would rather be treated equally among people.  The "Sage of Dreams" is not perverted but as any healthy young man, he enjoys the company of women and is often teasingly flirtatious, finding their reactions helplessly cute.  So based on his biography so far, we can figure he is not at all anti-social to any being, unlike his father.  Rowen is softly comical and has a magnetic personality.

    As the sage of Dreams, Rowen is able to place himself into a deep spell that enables his soul to leave his body and appear in another person's reverie – a world created by any living creature while they are unconscious – a temporary living of the mind (More about this in the book 'Goku's Theory' – coming soon)

    Even though Rowen has no thoughts in marriage or having kids of his own, his affection towards his sister Levi (Sage of Water) undoubtably shows his great qualities as a family man.  He is not much into sweets but he does enjoy Pocky and Special Homemade Cookies.  If he were to live a normal life he would want to open up his own café, filling his time with the talent of his culinary skills, as his cuisines are certainly worthy to be tasted (if he were to get married, that would be one lucky woman~)

Extra Note:
Though he does not do so often in the series, Rowen is able to change into two other forms that help benefit him in tasks and battles.  One is a small exotic type, paradise bird, the other is the

About Rowen - Sage of Dreams and Stars
Age: 22 / 2398 Birthday: May 3rd GEMINI


OC's Belong to Me
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selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD Of course, I love this one! Hehe, the little references that only I get~ I feel special! Ah, inside jokes! <3 Hehe, I'll have to cross reference them in Tae's bio~ Tee hee!

Anyway, it's perfect, other than the very end being cut off. ^^; Did you run out of room?
Sapheron-Art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, I didnt realize that happened (copy and paste XD) I'll fix that a bit later
selfaffliction Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, I see! XD
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